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  • guest_2635: I really love this game, now I am a game designer and vertrix inspired me thank you
  • Andrew: And the soundtracks are amazing too! Perfect combination
  • Andrew: Hi, again! Good memories! Sometimes I come back here to say hi and thanks you of this amazing game  Have a nice day!
  • Carbo: This game could be awsome on android
  • guest_9881: Is there a chance to open source vertrix?
  • guest_9881: Vertrix 3 plays on my Win10 without problems.
  • guest_9123: I remember playing Vetrix when I was about 14. Now im 33. Tooks me forever to find this game again as I forgot the name. Luck is on my side! Good memories with my little bro. wonder if this work on window 10
  • denis: thanks for all your messages it's much appreciated!
  • montoya905: Great game
  • guest_9252: I played this game (vertrix2)so much 16 years ago.. It was weird back then and it's still weird.. Good memories though!

New track PDF Print E-mail
Written by denis   
Sunday, 23 May 2010 17:54
Cédric released a brand new track today.
You can find "No Pain" as a free MP3 download along with all the other tracks in the Music section.
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