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  • Deagonfly182: Grazie per avermi dato la possibilità di riavere uno dei giochi della mia infanzia!! grazie davvero!!!
  • guest_7219: Yes, yes, and yes! That's why I asked previously about open-sourcing Vertix! It's a great game that has aged very well and would only need a bit of new polish to shine in whole new light again. Such a fun, balanced game.
  • guest_7534: a few changes here and there, and you will swim in money; honestly right now I am thinking about working on a clone of this game. you should REALLY make something out of it
  • guest_7534: It has all the components you would want in a nowadays competetive game;its fast paced, surprisingly balanced, has a lot of options even for a single player mode and the core moves are all well designed
  • guest_7534: For real, if you bring this game to gog or steam, I honestly think it will blow up.
  • guest_7219: Yeah, that would be great!
  • guest_2012: hidden gem. How about bringing it to steam or gog? Bigger audience
  • guest_1737: hi guys ! How do we play on network ?
  • guest_9881: Absolutely! New London 2358 is integral part of my playlist.
  • Alexandre: do until today (Parabens special for Cédric for his beautiful songs)

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Written by denis   
Sunday, 23 May 2010 17:54
Cédric released a brand new track today.
You can find "No Pain" as a free MP3 download along with all the other tracks in the Music section.
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