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  • denis: thanks for all your messages it's much appreciated!
  • montoya905: Great game
  • guest_9252: I played this game (vertrix2)so much 16 years ago.. It was weird back then and it's still weird.. Good memories though!
  • guest_6529: Hi pls make new version of vetrix 4 this game is unique i cant find game like this i beg you
  • guest_9881: Vertrix would be perfect for the switch!
  • Igni: Hi. Please, Vetrix 4!!!
  • Pkn: Quand est-ce que vous faites une version mobile. Ce jeu est juste génial !
  • Pkn: Coucou d'un vieux fan !
  • BiancaSayuri: miss this game :(
  • guest_8089: maxcool I have, its very easy to get it running with vine, works fine

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- Download our Freeware games Vertrix, Vertrix 2 and Vertrix 3
- Listen to and download the full soundtrack to Vertrix 2 & 3

"Metamorphosis" PDF Print E-mail
Written by denis   
Sunday, 05 June 2011 14:27
Cédric has just released a new track. The June 2011 offering is called "Metamorphosis" and can be found as usual in the Music section.
"Melodie" PDF Print E-mail
Written by denis   
Thursday, 24 February 2011 19:35
Those of us who enjoy the Vertrix 3 soundtrack will be pleased to know that cédric has released his first track for 2011.
As always, it is a free MP3 download and is waiting for you in the Music section.
An even newer track PDF Print E-mail
Written by denis   
Saturday, 19 June 2010 23:37
Head over to the Music Section to check out and download "Quest", a new track from cédric.
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