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Version 0.1





This game was designed to be run under Windows ME, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7.

You will need:

- Directx 9.0 or more.

- Directx 9.0 compatible video card with 32MB of memory and 32bits color mode.

- Directx 9.0 compatible sound card.






To launch the game, click on the "Vertrix 3" shortcut (Start menu > Programs > Vertrix 3> Vertrix 3)

The first time, a settings window appears which allows to choose language and display mode. Some of the modes add black borders to respect the 4:3 ratio of the game.

After validating this window, using the "OK" button, it will change the game resolution and display a test screen. If there is no problem, you can click "OK." Otherwise, waiting 15 seconds or pressing the ESCAPE key cancels the test and you return to your Windows desktop.

To change these options later, use the shortcut: "Vertrix 3 Settings" (Start menu > Programs > Vertrix 3> Vertrix 3 Settings)






You've surely already heard about the VERTRIX legend, this "way to another state of mind", which as a black hole takes those who are caught inside to a place from which lots of people came back but don't remember of it. The Legend says that the entity ruling the other side of the VERTRIX, master of time and spirits, sometimes takes folks into its world, after they were selected to be contestants at the VERTRIX tournament, whose winner can fulfill a wish. You have been selected to play in this year's tournament. Here is the list of players for this season. (You'll find out your name).


[Earth, U.S.A, Jungle / NOWADAYS]

[Galileo, Broceliand / 74 BGc]

Doc JonesThis explorer is the twin brother of Max Jones. He is the black sheep of the family since his childhood... Back then, his father always had a preference for Max, more inclined to accept missions such as "take out the garbage can " and "do the washing up". Dock is as lucky as his brother, but it leads him in weird situations: he has been bitten by a lizard during a journey he won from a TV-show, and his helicopter crashed when he was sent back to the U.S.A, to be healed. Only one to be hurt in the accident, he now thinks that the Spirit of Lizards tries to hold him in the jungle to use his luck, against which he is helpless. Some say that it would be a feeble excuse to search for the "Azteak's Treasure".

Abraham CadaboumAccording to his adepts, this magus is the most talented of all, but the rest of the people of Galileo don't share the same feeling about him. He is keen on astronomy, and thinks he can foresee future. The prophecy he is the more proud of is to have predicted rain in decembus. He is denigrated by the state power (The Great Sages Confraternity), which fears his prophecies could lead to some kind of revolution. (He would have predicted that in the future, power would be given to the people and not to the dictatorship of the ancient ones). Abraham likes to garden when he is not in his observatory, on top of his tree-house.

[Orion, New U.K, Acacia avenue / 2358 AV]

[Earth, England, London (South Kensington) / 1977 AD]

Stanislas Du Rap This mercenary will do anything to buy himself tons of albums and rare recordings. Bred by his parents with much hormones, his strength is not to be tested. Though, it won't be of any help during the tournament, except maybe to intimidate other players. If he is strong doesn't mean that he is brainless: he often proves his good sense of strategy. When he was "borrowed" by Albert, Stan was going to an appointment with someone called "Ed'", to search for someone called "Charlotte".

Tod ChikensHumble employee in a small cinema, he dreams of going to the other side of the screen... which he has already made several times: Tod is quite clumsy (that's why he is a humble employee). Son of the boss, he can't be fired. From the latest pieces of news, Tod (very motivated by his work) was studying the idea of changing the cinema into a fast-food-cinema.

[Valhalla, Halloa Island / 10764 AP]

[Flyz, Foreign.Life.Forms.Inventory.Center / 3 AS]

Vick ThorTired of snow and fights, Vick settled in a sunny place and opened a small surfboard renting shop (he was clever, as he invented surf in the meantime). Unfortunately, the business doesn't pay well, so he is thinking about leaving his island.

Rose WellsScientist/Sociologist on planet Flyz, Rose has a pretty good knowledge of the human being as she studied it a lot. Fond of Earth since high school, where she went with school, she dreams of settling there. She plans to make a study on cows that would prove that the human kind isn't descending from apes.

[Earth, Pumpkin' Circus / 1885 AD]

[Earth, U.S.A, Death-Valley / 1986 AD]

Valerie GoleauxFortuneteller in a circus, Valerie didn't get a happy life, which shows through her bad mood. Business isn't going well for her: apparently unable to predict positive events, her customers never come back. People who know her well (Beatle, her black cat, as well as her old uncle) say that deep inside Valerie a golden heart lies dormant. The Goleaux family would be victim of a curse since one of Beatle's ancestors would have eaten the voodoo trainer's mouse...

Tommy KrossofBred with TV and video games since his early childhood, this little scamp is a problem child. This kid is subject of worrying for his parents since he is interested in paranormal, heavy metal and role-playing games. The neighbourhood rumour is that he would be responsible for the strange events which happened recently. He is nicknamed "Yellow Plague" after his greenish skin, due to the many hours he spends playing role-playing games in his basement...

[Terra, France, Tatouille's Castle / 596 AG]

[Earth, U.S.A / NOWADAYS]

Clara TatouillePrincess and mother of seven children, Clara rules over her people since her late husband had the ridiculous idea of choking while eating an olive... when he just ate three suckling pigs! Clara took advantage of this opportunity to make the adjustments that had to be made: considerably increasing the role of women in society. Cunning strategist, she also gets respect from macho men. We know that she is interested in music, which wasn't appreciated by the king. She would be trying to make an electric cithara.

Max JonesThis very confidential officer is given more and more dangerous and secret missions (One of the last was an investigation on the peanut's butter's popularity among the londonian inhabitants. The last one -still not achieved- is to test in practice the comfort of the new space suits designed by the N.A.Z.A). With an out of common luck, this willing power slave always manages to extricate himself from tricky situations.

[Terra, Dino Lake / 24 AG]

[Earth, Poseidon Temple, Atlantis / 12000 BC]

GloukGreat specimen of the missing link, this genius, inventor of the wheel, of the lighter and of the flower pot, dreams of proving his "big-bang" theory (he hesitates between "More you hit strong, more strong is the noise", and "The universe is the consequence of multiweirds stuffs which made that it occurred"). Glouk would like to have a Jazz certificate, the only one he is missing, which could let him teach music to the youth.

Pamela MalibuThis lovely siren has a pretty weak memory (she doesn't remember how to come back home!) and she hates water, which isn't convenient as you might guess! She also sings out of tune, which makes all the sailors that could help her run out. Fortunately she has friends: Poseidon the crab and Cleito the dolphin. She never leaves her little crystal skull pendant her parents gave her during her childhood: it would have the power to help her find her way back to Chalidocean, the golden gates city.

[Earth, Japan / NOWADAYS]

[Rumania, USA / 1465 BB]

Lee Moo Djiin He likes to transcribe the beauty of the world through his colorful drawings. He often rests near his favourite river. But this is only entertainment... River paintings doesn't sell... Customers oddly prefer mangas featuring girls in school suits! Lee is the brilliant inventor of the sushimi-burger, which allows uneducated tourists to get a minimum taste of the speciality from his country.

Sandra SkullaA pretty groovy "ghost-spell" singer don't you think? She has got a great charisma, and is in great part responsible for the commercial success of the "Feet First Club" nightclub! She is an activist from the movement of equality for vampire women. She never leaves her bat Buffy.

[Earth, Antarctic / NOWADAYS]

[Earth, Turkey / NOWADAYS]

Bill FootBill used to be like you and me (more like you I guess...) not so long ago... just before he had the misfortune of eating this damn hormone filled penguin... Since then, he is growing faster and faster ; he would have to shave four times a day so he gave up.

Regis TambouleThis kind storekeeper has a hard time living from his business ; camels, snakes and elephants internet sells aren't popular lately! He compensate by living his true passion: he likes to put webcams in his nostrils, 5"1/4 floppy disks in his throat, and rest a little on his giant 128 keys keyboard...

[Albert's dimension / Whatever time Albert wants]

[Albert's dimension / Whatever time Albert wants]

Mike HamsterHe is Albert's right hand man, the one he put in charge to find new challengers for the tournament, aboard a time travelling rocket. He is an excellent detective, with a very personal way of erasing challengers' memories of the tournament when he brings them back home: he shows them a little black pen that produces a blinding white light... then it just takes a good head butt! His favourite motto is: "When you tested all possibilities without success, something must have gone wrong, you should start it all again!"

Ed Mc BrainHe is Albert's left hand man, the crazy scottish hologram in charge of the research department of the Vertrix block factory, to create new kinds of blocks. He keeps the factory in good working order as much as possible. Even if he is just a brain floating in a plasmic solution, the photonic holographic technology developed by his fellow-worker prof. Z allows him to enjoy a solid body equivalent to that of an organic one. Ed is unfortunately stuck within the boundary of the factory because his holo-emitter can't be moved, which doesn't prevent him to travel a lot as the factory streches on a whole planet.

[Albert's Dimension / Whatever time he wants]

Albert PowerMaster of time and spirit, Albert is the tournament's instigator. He has the power to travel in time and space, as well as a killer sense of humour. A few years ago, his son Herman was in charge of making selections for the tournament, and pretended being his father, so he was deprived of tournament and sent back to school for some time. Albert would only materialize in our dimension to play against the ultimate opponent: the winner of the tournament. Nobody knows more about him.








The game consists in different matches: Human VS. CPU or Human VS. Human.
The aim is quite simple: every player has to make ALIGNMENTS of same blocks by permuting the blocks which are falling down three by three.
Some alignments are simples (a line of three identical blocks,...) others are a little bit more complicated (a +, a *, ... Those are FIGURES).

Each alignment gives you a Blob: Blob

Each player has his own bonuses.

Every 3 x Blob, the player is given a choice to choose a bonus among his bonuses.

Every 12 x Blob, the player increases his LEVEL ; if he hasn't got all of his bonuses yet, a new bonus column is given.

There's two ways to win in Vertrix:

- The opponent's board is filled so as his bar can't fall down any more and you hold on 3 seconds without having your bar blocked.

- You have reached Level 10 before your opponent, and he doesn't reach that level during the next 3 seconds.






There's 3 kinds of them:


- The 'INDESTRUCTIBLE BLOCKS' (almost...).

- The 'EXPLODING BLOCKS' which act as a bomb and explode all kinds of blocks.






Common alignments:




Blob x 1



Blob x 1



Blob x 1



Blob x 1


Complex alignments (FIGURES):




Blob x 2



Blob x 3



Blob x 4



Blob x 4



Blob x 4



Blob x 4



Blob x 5



Blob x 6



Blob x 7






The player gains a level every 12 x Blob. He wins when he reaches the level 10. Though, gaining a level also increases his speed. If the player hasn't got all of his bonuses yet, a new column of bonuses is available to him.






You can pick up a bonus after 3 x Blob.


Vertrix image 1For example:

Let's say you are player1 on the left of the screen and you just made your third alignment ; your 3 Blobs are activated and you can hear a sound signal, which warns you that you have got the possibility to choose a bonus.

A Blob is going to appear in the window on the left of your board:
- if you let it fall down, that means that you gain it (which is a good choice if you want to reach higher levels faster...).
- If you move the Blob on the left, a bar will let you choose between three bonuses colours.

Each colour corresponds to a bonus line. If you wish to use an orange bonus, you have to switch the blocks so as the BOTTOM ONE is orange. A bonus will then be picked up randomly among your orange line bonuses.

According to our BetaTesters, you should play one or two times to understand!...






Do not panic! ;) It's possible to play with only a basic knowledge of the colour organisation.




Vertrix Bonus1

Exchange boards.The player's board is 'beamed' in place of his opponent's.

Vertrix Bonus2

Exchange speeds.

Vertrix Bonus3

Boomerang effect. The PINK bonuses are powerfull, so when you use this one, your opponent uses one of his bonuses against you...

Vertrix Bonus4

Exchange indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus5

Exchange bomb blocks.




Vertrix Bonus6

Increase opponent's speed by 1.

Vertrix Bonus7

Increase opponent's speed by 2.

Vertrix Bonus8

Mix normal blocks of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus9

Mix normal and bomb blocks of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus10

Mix all blocks from the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus11

Freeze your opponent - duration 1.

Vertrix Bonus12

Freeze your opponent - duration 2.

Vertrix Bonus15

Freeze your opponent - duration 2.

Vertrix Bonus13

Freeze your opponent - duration 3.

Vertrix Bonus14

Freeze your opponent - duration 4.

Vertrix Bonus16

Decrease your opponent's level. Also remove a column of bonuses.

Vertrix Bonus17

Switch normal blocks and indestructible blocks in the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus18

Telekinesis. Move upward indestructible blocks in the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus19

Random change opponent's speed.




Vertrix Bonus20

Add a normal blocks column to one side of the opponent's board - Try to use this bonus three times in a row!... ;)

Vertrix Bonus21

Add a normal blocks line to the bottom of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus22

Add 2 normal blocks lines.

Vertrix Bonus23

Add 3 normal blocks lines.

Vertrix Bonus24

Add 3 normal blocks towers of 2 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus25

Add 3 normal blocks towers of 3 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus26

Add 3 normal blocks towers of 4 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus27

Add a normal blocks mountain to the bottom left of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus28

Add a normal blocks mountain to the bottom right of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus29

Add a normal blocks pyramid to the opponent's board.




Vertrix Bonus30

Turn the opponent's bar into indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus31

Turn 5 blocks from the opponent's board into indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus32

Turn 7 blocks from the opponent's board into indestructible blocks

Vertrix Bonus33

Turn 9 blocks from the opponent's board into indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus34

Turn upper-blocks from the opponent's board into indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus35

Turn half of the opponent's board into indestructible blocks (in a chess-board pattern).

Vertrix Bonus36

Add an indestructible blocks line (except center) to the bottom of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus37

Add 2 indestructible blocks lines to the bottom of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus38

Add 3 indestructible blocks lines to the bottom of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus39

Add an indestructible blocks column (one out of two) to one side of the opponent's board - Try to use this bonus three times in a row!...

Vertrix Bonus40

Add an indestructible blocks column to one side of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus41

Add 3 indestructible towers of 2 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus42

Add 3 indestructible towers of 3 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus43

Add 3 indestructible towers of 4 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus44

Add 2 indestructible towers of 6 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus45

Add an indestructible left tower of 6 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus46

Add an indestructible right tower of 6 blocks to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus47

Add an indestructible mountain (just upper blocks) to the bottom left of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus48

Add an indestructible blocks mountain (just upper blocks) to the bottom right of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus49

Add an indestructible pyramid (just upper blocks) to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus50

Add an indestructible mountain to the bottom right of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus51

Add an indestructible mountain to the bottom left of the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus52

Add an indestructible pyramid to the opponent's board.

Vertrix Bonus53

Launch a random pick of a block colour, and turn the corresponding blocks of the opponent's board into indestructible blocks.




Vertrix Bonus54

Decrease your speed by 1.

Vertrix Bonus55

Decrease your speed by 2.

Vertrix Bonus56

Decrease your speed by 3.

Vertrix Bonus57

Remove 1 line from your board.

Vertrix Bonus58

Remove 2 lines from your board.

Vertrix Bonus59

Remove 3 lines from your board.

Vertrix Bonus60

Remove 4 lines from your board.

Vertrix Bonus61

Remove 5 lines from your board.

Vertrix Bonus62

Remove 6 lines from your board.

Vertrix Bonus63

Destroy half of your board (in a chess-board pattern).

Vertrix Bonus64

Destroy the whole board.

Vertrix Bonus66

Turn all indestructible blocks into bomb blocks.

Vertrix Bonus65

Turn all indestructible blocks into normal blocks.

Vertrix Bonus67

Destroy all indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus68

Destroy the highest column of the board.

Vertrix Bonus69

Destroy the two highest columns of the board.

Vertrix Bonus70

Telekinesis. Move downward indestructible block. New2




One or several explosive blocks appear in your bar and explode when they hit the board.

All bombs in the board will explode like the selected explosion pattern.


Vertrix Bonus71

Line pattern explosion.

Vertrix Bonus72

Line pattern explosion - 2 explosive blocks in the bar.

Vertrix Bonus73

Column pattern explosion.

Vertrix Bonus74

Cross pattern explosion.

Vertrix Bonus75

Big cross pattern explosion.




They will last for a limited time.


Vertrix Bonus76

Blue Mode. Some Explosive blocks can appear in your bar, but they won't explode without a Dark-Blue Bonus.

Vertrix Bonus77

Anti-bomb Mode. If your opponent uses a bomb, it will turn all blocks into the explosion area, into indestructible blocks.

Vertrix Bonus78

Voodoo Mode. Your opponent can't make three blocks alignment!... To break this spell, he needs to make an alignment of 4 blocks at least, or a figure.

Vertrix Bonus79

Killer Line Mode. Each alignment adds an indestructible line to the opponent's board, and removes a line from the player's board. For instance, a 3 alignments Figure removes the three bottom lines from your board, and adds three indestructible lines to your opponent. Duration 1.

Vertrix Bonus80

Killer Line Mode. Duration 2.

Vertrix Bonus81

Killer Line Mode. Duration 3.

Vertrix Bonus82

Indestructible Mode. Indestructible blocks can appear in the opponent's bar.

Vertrix Bonus83

Two same blocks mode. You will at least get 2 identical blocks in your bar.

Vertrix Bonus84

Three same blocks mode. You will get a bar of 3 identical blocks.

Vertrix Bonus85

Guide Mode. The opponent's bar is going to follow your bar moves.

Vertrix Bonus86

Quantum Mode. His bar will flash and switching its blocks will change their colours.

Vertrix Bonus87

One indestructible block mode. Your opponent will get 1 indestructible block in his bar.

Vertrix Bonus88

Three different colours mode. Your opponent will get a bar of 3 different blocks.

Vertrix Bonus89

Single bonus bar mode. Your opponent won't get more than one bonus in his bonuses bar.

Vertrix Bonus90

Four bonuses colour bar mode. You will get a four bonuses bar.

Vertrix Bonus91

Mad speed mode. This will randomly change the opponent's speed.

Vertrix Bonus92

Shield mode. Your opponent won't be able to use his attacks against you. Duration 1.

Vertrix Bonus93

Shield mode. Duration 2.

Vertrix Bonus94

Shield mode. Duration 3.

Vertrix Bonus95

Killer Column Mode. Each figure adds an indestructible column to the opponent's board, and removes a column from the player's board - Duration 1. New2

Vertrix Bonus96

Killer Column Mode. Duration 2. New2

Vertrix Bonus97

Killer Column Mode. Duration 3. New2

Vertrix Bonus98

Blind mode. The opponent's next bar is hidden. New2

Vertrix Bonus99

Battle Mode. The players can only use attack bonuses (orange, yellow and green). New2

Vertrix Bonus100

Peace Mode. The players can only use the defense bonuses (light and dark blue). New2








You will meet 7 opponents - First, 4 randomly selected opponents, then Professor Ed Brain, Mike Hamster, and at last Albert Power in person.

When you lose the match, you lose your current character. The game is over when there are no more available characters.

A present awaits you if you win the tournament in normal or hard difficulty levels.






You could use some training before entering the tournament.






2 human players play until one of them has no more available characters.






Training between 2 human players. You don't lose character.






Two players network play - Tournament or training mode as selected during the session configuration. (see NETWORK GAME).






Vertrix OptionsDIFFICULTY:
It changes the speed and the A.I. Try to win the tournament in Normal or Hard level.

It's the speed the players have when they start to fight.

YES if you want to have all the character bonuses when you start to fight.
NO if you want to start the fight with one column of bonus.

YES if you want a player to win the game when he reaches level 10.
NO for no level limit.






opens a menu during the game.

opens an info window which allows to see the framerate (nb of frames/sec) and if your are playing a network game, the ping (ms) and keys latency (ms).

Runs a demo of the game.

Writes a snapshot to disk.

You can map all game keys to keyboard, mouse, one or two joysticks and customize the delay before keys are repeated.
The default setting is arrows for player1 and mouse for player2.








Both, server and client need an external software which will run Vertrix3 like Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger...
You must have run Vertrix3 at least once so that Directx knows its location. The options of session and the names of the players must be set.




8.2 TCP/IP




Vertrix Network1The server can select an IP port in case a firewall is present. Leave the field blank to use default port.

The server has to set options for the session (tournament or training, difficulty, start speed, all bonuses Mode, level limit mode), then click on "CREATE" to enter the session.




Vertrix Network2On Internet, the client has to know the IP address and port number from the server (leave the field blank to use default port).

With a local network, in theory, the game is able to find sessions with a void IP address.

The client has to click on "Refresh" to get a list of current sessions. Click to select a session, then click on "JOIN" to start playing.






1. VERTRIX3 is FREEWARE, which means that you can SPREAD IT FREELY, in its original / unmodified form:
Vertrix3-Install-v01.exe (which contains Description.txt, FILE_ID.DIZ, Manual.chm, Vertrix3.exe, Vertrix3.vf, Change-Settings.bat).

2. No fee can be charged for the distribution of this game, other than a small charge to cover the cost of the media on which it is stored.

3. You use this program at your own risk, no responsibility can be taken for damage or lost data caused by the installing, running or misuse of this program.

4. VERTRIX3 and all his content is the intellectual property of Cédric CASTEL and Denis TREBBI.

5. Any resemblance or common feature between the VERTRIX3 characters and anyone would be strictly coincidental! If it was the case, please send us a photo...

Windows, Directx, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger are trademarks of microsoft corporation.






Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain flashing lights or light patterns in everyday life. Such people may have a seizure while watching certain television images or playing certain video games. This may happen even if the person has no medical history of epilepsy or has never had any epileptic seizures. If you or anyone in your family has ever symptoms related to epilepsy (seizures or loss of consciousness) when exposed to flashing lights, consult your doctor prior to playing. We advise that parents should monitor the use of video games by their children. If you or your child experience any of the following symptoms: dizziness, blurred vision, eye or muscle twiches, loss of consciousness, disorientation, any involuntary movement or convulsion, while playing a video game, IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your doctor.


Do not stand too close to the screen. Sit a good distance away from the television screen, as far away as the length of the cable allows. Preferably play the game on a small television screen.

Avoid playing if you are tired or have not had much sleep.

Make sure that the room in which you are playing is well lit.

Rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes per hour while playing a video game (a pause key is available in this video game : the escape key during a match).






Don't hesitate to contact us!

If you discover a bug, we would appreciate a short description.

Send mail to one of the following addresses:





logoGorfou pinguin logo_Lustar2









Concept, Programmation, 2D & 3D Sprites, Musics, characters voices: Cédric Castel.

Concept, Backgrounds, 2D & 3D Sprites, Web Design, characters voices: Denis Trebbi.

Pamela Malibu and Clara Tatouille voices: Vanessa Costes.

Prof Ed Brain voice and idea: Ed Hughes.

Betatesters: Antoine Mangas, Benoît Lefebvre, Céline Castel, Didier Ouzaid, Ed Hughes, Fabrice Forni, Nicolas Debard, Tiphaine Dubois.

Thanks to all of those who supported us.




Great tools used:

- Visual C++ 9.0 Express Edition.
- Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2.
- Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK.



13 FAQ



Q: The game doesn't install, i get an error message when double clicking the installation package "Vertrix3-Install.exe", what can i do?


A: Its seems your file is incomplete or corrupted. You can try downloading it again with a download manager that will resume your downloads in case they are interrupted. This way you will be certain in the future that all your downloaded files are complete.
also, make sure you download the file from our site




Q: I get a "DirectX..." error box when launching the game, what can i do to make it work?


A: This is because you need DirectX 9.0 minimum, it's a media windows component that's present in windows.
- To check which version of DirectX is installed on your computer, go to the Start menu/Run... and type "dxdiag". The Dxdiag application will then open and you'll be able to test if everything's ok with directx.
- To update your windows to DirectX 9, you can find it on cds given with computer related magazines, or download it from the microsoft site:




Q: Someone is annoyingly beating me at this game, are there any cheats, or do you have any tips to give?


A: There are no cheats in the game but here are some tips though:
- have a good knowledge of all the bonuses, maybe there's one you don't know yet that would become your favourite.
- pick your character depending on your opponent's character powers
- play fast, to get more bonuses than your opponent
- you can switch the 3 colours when the 3 blocks are still outside of the board, so you can anticipate a bit.
- do some special figures (5 in a row, circle-diamond, or "+" sign) with the alignments to get more bonuses, especially at the beginning of each round to get an edge over your opponent.
- try to use "increase opponent's speed" several times in a row
- don't forget to decrease your speed from time to time, an unbearable speed always comes quicker than ones expect.
- don't always use the same bonus against your opponent, so that he has to deal with several problems at once.
- some characters have the ability to switch boards "at will" as soon as they get pink as bonus color choice, so you can try and fill your board with junk on purpose and switch it at the last second.
- try to pick a character depending on your weaknesses/abilities: more defensive (blue bonuses) if your board is often full of blocks, attacker if you're good at the "killer mode", etc.
- you can win by reaching "level 10" during a match, don't forget that during long matches, if you're both reachin level 7 or more. you can reach level 10 faster by not selecting any bonus when you get one.




Q: When I play the screen is distorted, what can I do?


A: Vertrix was designed for a 4:3 display, not 16/10 nor 16/9. The distortion comes from a processing of your graphics card.
- You can choose a resolution with black borders by using the shortcut: "Vertrix 3 - Options".
- You can change your graphic card settings. In the control panel of your graphic card choose to have black borders for an unsupported video mode.




Q: When I play the screen has very big black borders, what can I do?


A: It seems that Vertrix adds black borders and also the drivers of your graphic card.
- You can select a borderless resolution by using the shortcut: "Vertrix 3 - Options".
- You can change your graphic card settings. In the control panel of your graphic card choose to have a distorted image for an unsupported video mode.






14.1 VERTRIX3 - Version 0.1 - August 2009 New2


Vertrix image 2
Vertrix image 3
Vertrix image 4
Vertrix image 5


- The sprite engine is now in Direct3D. All graphics have alpha channel

- Support of most display resolutions

- All the screens were redesigned

- New effects for all bonuses

- All the foreground elements were redone

- 7 new bonuses

- Bonuses have been redistributed among the characters

- Vibration of the screen

- New effect for figures

- Corrected and improved the A.I

- Added sound effects




14.2 VERTRIX2 - Version 2.0 - March 2003


Vertrix image 6
Vertrix image 7


- Added a new method to improve Internet play

- Heads display now uses Alpha Blending :)

- Changes in the game's interface: game area's borders are reduced ; the alignements are visually represented by 12 blob tokens instead of numbers ; changed the placement of the bonus leds and replaced those by Blobs ; changed the font used to display speed and level values ; rethought colours and effects for each level's interface ; crossfading effect before the match

- Each level has a different particles effect

- When the player picks a bonus colour, the corresponding line flashes in the bonus table

- The bonus "Add a column" is now symmetric between player 1 and 2

- Changes in the A.I: Improved bonus choice (added a little bit more randomness between two close colours) ; the cpu now has the ability to be faster depending on the game's speed (so that it doesn't lose too easily because of a high speed)

- <F1> opens an information window in the upper-left corner that displays frame rate and in case of network play, ping and keys latency (the time between a key press and it's use)

- The 1.3 savegames (Vertrix2.cfg) are compatible with the new version: just copy the file, or uninstall version 1.3 then install version 2.0 in the same directory

- A draw game bug was corrected

- Graphical changes on the title screen: 3 blobs among 6 are randomly picked and displayed ; reworked fonts ; lens-flares effetcs are now more visible ; Alpha Blending on the blobs

- Graphical changes on the character selection screen: Transparency effect on texts ; scanlines effect on heads

- Graphical changes on the before/after match screen: Transparency effect on some texts

- Improved the second and third loading images

- Reworked the bonuses' backgrounds

- On the KEYS option screen: Got rid of a bug that would happen when left mouse click was chosen as a player 2 key

- Got rid of a colour bug on some backgrounds during a level or speed change (white flash)

- Player names are no more pronounced at the same time when entering the character's selection's screen.

- Improved speed on most screens

- Improved the Warning box in case of bad Directx version

- Network game mode was reprogrammed using Directplay8 so that game launching using lobby is now more effective

- Support for the Ipx protocol was removed because it is now obsolete ; Tcp/Ip works very good in local network mode

- During a network chat session line breaks are now automatic




14.3 VERTRIX2 - Version 1.3 - February 2002


Vertrix image 8
Vertrix image 9


- New effect when using magical bonuses

- New main screen and HUD

- New backgrounds during resources loading

- Move of the players before each fight

- Explosion bomb effect improved

- New special effect for "Turn blocks from the opponent's board into indestructible blocks" bonuses

- Effect changed for "Destroy half of your board" bonus

- New special effect for "Exchange boards" bonus

- Demo mode with F2 key

- Backgrounds' configurations improved

- A bug during resources loading was corrected




14.4 VERTRIX2 - Version 1.2 - July 2001


Vertrix image 10
Vertrix image 11


- New magic system which uses the progress bar of the player

- A new character: Professor Ed Brain

- 11 new bonuses!

- New background (and new music) that you'll get if you win the tournament (normal and hard levels)

- Presentation of the blocks before each round

- Faster network game in tcp/ip (but you'll need a good ping)

- Progress Bar during resources loading

- Some backgrounds improved

- Some sprites corrected

- Some samples were corrected and added

- A Luminous Border surrounds heads in the Choose-players screen

- New intro for Choose-players and Main music

- Animation of the players at the end of the match

- The level 10 is flashing when you win the game with it

- A bug when exiting the game was corrected




14.5 VERTRIX2 - Version 1.1 - December 2000


Vertrix image 12
Vertrix image 13


- First public release




14.6 Between VERTRIX1 & VERTRIX2...


Vertrix image 14
Vertrix image 15




14.7 VERTRIX1 - MSDOS- [December 1995...July 1997]


Vertrix image 16
Vertrix image 17


Tube2 Tube3 bg08 Background_Clair Background3

VERTRIX3 \ The Clusters